Florida's Smartest Retractable Screen,
Built To Last and Headache Free.

🥇Longer Warranties

15-Year Warranty On All Screens.
5-Year Warranty on Gaposa motors!
2-Years Warranty on Electronic Components!
3-Year Installation Craftsmanship and Track Warranty!Industry Highest Warranties

🏡True Customization

True Fit Process:  Each lanai, balcony, window, door, or gazebo is laser measured and manufactured for a specific opening.  Each screen can span a 30-foot vast space with an opening height of 20 feet.

🔧Limit Maintenance:

MagnaTrack's patented advanced technology eliminates 98% of known service call issues associated with motorizing screens. Its self-adjusting and self-correcting inner tracks mean no more screen rewraps, hangups, or unneeded service calls.


The Omega Hurricane Defender Screen, with kevlar-woven fivers, is strong enough to withstand a Category 5 Hurricane. Combined with the patented MagaTrack system, these screens can withstand up to 156 -mph impacts. 

☀️Solar Gain

Do you have a West or South-facing patio outdoor space?  Let us show you how to create instant shad and regain the space with a click. Let's show the power of a four-season patio as you slash heating and cooling bills.

🎓Smart Technology:

Control each MagnaTrack motorized screen with a click of a button, a smartphone, or simply say, "Hey, Alexia or Hey, Suri, close my screens."  Wind and rain sensors can protect those patios and lanais 24/7.


MagnaTrack's Patented Technology is The Difference.

MagnaTrack's patented system is a unique self-tensioning design. It utilizes opposing polarity and dual magnetic technology from rare earth neodymium magnets.  These magnates are interlocked throughout the screen track and housing, creating a constant taut and tight hold. Watch the video to see how it works.



MagnaTrack simply Enhance, Extend, and Protect your Outdoor Areas

Whether you live in New Smyrna Beach, Port Orange, Daytona, Ormand Beach, or Palm Coast--The patented motorized MagnaTrack system, coupled with a self-tensioning design, is the only self-correcting system in the world and stops 98% of all services in their tracks. Put: There is no jamming, snagging, hang-ups, or Re-wraps.

🧲Hassle-Free Retractable Screens

No More Zipper Track.  MagnaTrack's self-tensioning design eliminates 98% of all common operational issues—no more jams, snags, or hanging-ups.

🔋Energy Efficient

UV-protectant screens over windows and around outside areas insulate your home. Slash your cooling and heating costs and bring those utility bills down.


Kevlar-like woven fibers make our screens the only ones strong enough to withstand heavy debris impacts in Category 5 storms (156+ mph).

Smart Tech Enabled

Control your screens with your smartphone, remote, or home automation system. Autonomous wind and rain sensors provide 24/7 all-weather protection too.

🍭Custom Color & Size

Infinite powder-coated custom color palates are available. Able to span up to 30 feet wide x 20 feet tall, all with one screen (limitations apply)!

🪨 Heavy-Duty

Powder-coated aluminum and stainless steel components mean no rust, peeling, or bubbling. Industry-leading 10-year warranty on all screens.

Multiple color & thickness options

Our screens come in a variety of colors, textures and opacities.

  • CheckmarkSix classic standard extrusion colors
  • CheckmarkColor-matching available
  • CheckmarkCreate a custom color with our RAL selection


Residential – Motorized Screen Application

Bring Outside Back In 

It’s true that all motorized screens are not created equal, but don’t be intimidated by the array of options.  Florida Living Outdoor will assist in selecting the perfect fabric, control, and size that will enhance your outdoor living space.


Traditional Financing with 60 Days interest Free no payment for 90 days.


Commercial – Motorized Screen Application

Commercial Motorize Screen

Creating Smart and Profitable Spaces

Our commercial systems can be used for multiple applications such as outdoor dining areas, hotels, resorts, and more. Each system is designed to meet the specific needs of the client.

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New Construction – Screen Application

It’s All About Innovation

The MagnaTrack can be used in new construction as a recessed system, retrofit applications, existing residential applications, and commercial applications such as restaurants or hotels.


Motorized Screens at a Click

Remote control options are endless! Integrable with smart home systems and also controllable from your cell phone or tablet.  The best part is all it takes is a click of a button and the motorized screens deploy.

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Why We Believe The MagnaTrack Motorized Screen System is Right For You!

Progressive Screens is a leading manufacturer of motorized screening solutions for patios, garages, windows, lanais, gazebos, picture windows, outside eating areas, carports, and entryways in Florida!

The MagnaTrack is revolutionary in its design and innovative in its approach. The MagnaTrack system overcomes 98% of typical service calls associated with a fixed track or zipper track screen system. Fixed track and zipper screen systems simply defeat the intended purpose of motorized tracked screens are in the first place. The MagnaTrack system works when you need it the most because of the patented technology.

The patented technology in the MagnaTrack system uses opposite pull, Neodymium magnates, allowing the inner track to free float inside the housing. The inner track is locked into the housing group, allowing the system to withstand wind speeds up to 75 MPH. What doe that mean? Simply put, the screen won’t pop out of the track when someone accidentally runs into it.

The MagnaTracked system will self-correct on its own.   All you have to do is take the remote and raise the screen upwards, past the point where the screen dislodged, and the movement of the MagnaTrack will re-grab the track and return into place. The MagnaTrack system is the only self-correcting motorized screen system in the world.

A motorized MagnaTrack screen system will protect you and your guests from all the bugs, dust, and dirt, providing solar protection and privacy. Simply put, MagnaTrack will assist you in bringing those outdoor living areas inward and making the outdoors an extension of your home.