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Hurricanes and Autism

Let's put MagnaTrack and Florida Living aside for a second.  A Hurricane is scary. Now imagine you know or care for an individual diagnosed on the Autism spectrum. That's right, Autism. These individuals are often overlooked and are the last to consider when considering Hurricanes Preparedness. Not no more. Custom Fence Orland0, Florida Living Outdoor, and The Autism Society of Greater Orlando want to remind us all, don't forget the needs of those kids or individuals diagnosed with Autism.   Below are five things to consider before a Hurricane hits: Don't delay. Do it Today.

Five Big Things To Consider When Preparing An Individual With Autism For A Hurricane.

  1. Google the special needs shelter in your county, Now!!!!   It just might save a life.   You have to be registered before showing up. 
    1. Orange County Special Needs Registry
    2. Seminole County Special Needs Registry.
    3. Lake County Special Needs Registry.
    4. Polk County Special Needs Registry. 
    5. Volusia County Special Needs Registry.
  2. Start packing at the watch and not the warning. Pack those special Items such as medicines, important documents, and dietary requirements.
    1. Don't forget all those documents: IEP, Diagnosis, and Medical records.
    2. Don't forget that comfort food.
  3. Explain a Hurricane through social stories and what to expect.
    1. Don't run from it. Explain it from start to finish.
    2. Describe what is exactly going to happen. Use pictures
  4. Have a car charger and multiple battery backups for those intelligent devices.
    1. Do not rely on generators. They are odorless and kill.
  5. Emergency Plan. Establish a play-by-play scenario and practice it, especially if you choose to stay.
    1. Play The What happens if game.  If this happens, you do this.
    2. Remember, individuals with autism love routine.

These five things will make a difference. 

Hurricane IAN and Motorize Screens.

This Evening Hurricane lan became a Category 2 hurricane this afternoon and continues to strengthen into a major hurricane. Its track has become more easterly, and Tropical-storm-force winds may begin in Central Florida as soon as Wednesday night. Regardless of the exact path, there is a significant risk of life-threatening storm surges, hurricane-force winds, and heavy rainfall along the west coast of Florida, the Florida Panhandle, and throughout the state's central portion. So, what does that mean for your motorized screen?

If you do not have a motorized Hurricane Defender Screen by MagnaTrack, IT IS TIME TO ROLL UP those motorized screens.   Please don't make the mistake of leaving them down. Debris begins to fly at 40 miles an hour, and all it will take is one impact. That fixed track or zipper track system is gone become a tangled mess.


Click Play and Prepare For a Hurricane The MagnaTrack way.


Don't Have MagnaTrack Hurricane Defender. Here List of Do Not Forgets.

  1. Bring in all patio furniture and stack or store it in the Garage. Do not through your pool furniture in the pool.
  2. Make sure all loose items, such are pictures and wall art, are on the walls.
  3. Take down all outdoor lights.
  4. Turn off water and gas to outdoor sinks and kitchens.
  5. Remove all electronic devices such as TV and speakers and store them indoors.
  6. If you have a pool enclosure, walk the perimeter and check the screws which attached the screen enclosure to the deck.
  7. If you have a baby pool fence, remove it and store it.
  8. Sand Bag back door.
  9. Walk around the backyard and secure loose items and debris.
  10. If you don't have impact windows or shutters, board up windows and sliding glass doors.
  11. When the hurricane passes, reverse the list.

From New Smyrna to Palm Coast and from the intercostal waters to the ocean front, Florida Living Outdoor is helping homeowners regain control of those outdoor patios and lanais. With a click of a button, a MagnaTrack motorized screen system can deploy and protect you and your guests from bugs, solar, and hurricanes.  It does not matter if it rains, is a noseeum, or is a hurricane threatening that outdoor area.

Hurricane Motorize Screens:

Unlike other motorize track screen systems or motorized metal hurricane shutters, MagnaTrack is unique in this design and innovative in its approach.  It allows you to see the outdoors.

Unlike other motorized screen systems, the MagnaTrack Motorize Screen system can be deployed 365 days a year and requires no track maintenance. Simply put, it eliminates 98% of typical service calls. Most importantly-it reclaims that patio area as part of your home.

So. Give us a call and let Florida Living Outdoor show you how to take back that outdoor transition area and protect your home from a hurricane. Or feel free to visit us on the web.

We are currently servicing Edgewater, New Smyrna, Port Orange, Daytona, Ormond Beach, Palm Coast, and the Oviedo/Orlando Areas.

For more information See MagnaTrack 

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