Hurricane Screens

MagnaTrack Eliminated 98% of Common Service Calls:

Defender Hurricane Screens.

Any Florida homeowner will tell you the most frustrating thing about hurricanes is deciding what to do with the patio furniture and how to protect those outdoor living spaces.  Do I leave it?  Do I throw it in the pool or spend hours pulling it inside the garage?

It does not have to be frustrating.  It can be as easy as clicking a button and watching the Defender hurricane screen deploy in less than 60 seconds. Not at the beach house?  No problem.  Log into the app on your smartphone and deploy your screens at the push of a button.   It's that simple.

Don't become a victim of a devastating hurricane.  Don't be one of the homeowners who suffered over $862 billion in damages between 1980 and 2018. It is avoidable and preventable. Schedule a free Free Phone Consultation and find out if the Defender System is right for you.

Why MagnaTrack Motorized Screens Work:

Hurricane Defender Screens System. Port Orange Florida

How The System Works

The structurally-engineered roller and weight bars are unparalleled in strength, rigidness, and durability. ​The Defender Hurricane Screen system uses MagnaTrack™ technology integrated with an exclusive reinforcement channel. The MagnaTrack System is the only system in the world that uses magnetic fields to dampen the impact of wind loads and flying debris while maintaining a flat and uniform screen surface and appearance when deployed.

​The Defender Hurricane System has Self Adjusting Technology (SAT) built into every system, allowing the screen to deploy freely in windy conditions without hang-ups or rewraps, issues commonly found in other competitive products.

Beautiful picture of tan home with Hurricane Screens that a black with white frames

Beautiful home on the East Coast Inter Costal Water Ways

Why Defender Screen System

All Defender Hurricane Screens use a blend of high-tenacity PET and Aramid core yarns that defend against severe hurricanes, insects, and solar rays.  What does that all mean? Well, in the simplest terms, it can stop a 2” x 4” flying at 156 miles an hour through the air.   The Defender screen system can protect from a category five hurricane.  So much so that all fabric used in the Defender Screens systems comes with a 15-year warranty.

Defender Screen fabrics are “self -extinguishing,” unlike most competitors using highly flammable Polypropylene fabrics.    Unlike the other guy’s screen, the defender system does not break down readily from U.V. Rays and can be deployed 24/7 and still maintain its warranty.

Beautiful picture of a one story home that is white and has black hurricane screens

Hurricane Screens New Smyrna Beach

Protection At The Touch of A Button.

The MagnaTrack unparalleled impact absorption is a patented system that delivers peace of mind during the storm. All Defender Screens can be controlled by a remote, smartphone, or home automation system at the push of a button. In other words, you can be at the Pent House in New York and push a button to protect that vacation home in Florida.

No matter the time of year, Defender Hurricane Screens can always be used 24/7 and 365 days a year.

Why the Defender system? Because you can.


One screen. Multiple
lines of defense.

MagnaTrack's patented system is built strong enough to withstand winds, exceeding 156 mph.  The Defender series is strong enough to withstand a Cat-5 hurricane but also offers year-round protection from storms, insects, sun, and glare while providing the quality, durability, and reliability you can depend on when mother nature huffs and puffs.

CheckmarkHurricane Protection With A Click

CheckmarkSolar and Sun Protection

Checkmark  Blocks 95% of Rain.

Checkmark  Wind

Checkmark  Insect Protection

Checkmark  Instant Privacy

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Florida's Certified System

Our Defender System meets or exceeds Miami Dade and Florida building code requirements for roll-down hurricane screens (the strictest hurricane codes on earth). It also exceeds the performance criteria of the following standards, with spans of up to 30 feet:

​​Checkmark  TAS 201, 201, 203, 203-94
Checkmark  ASTM E330, E1886 & E1996
Checkmark  Florida Product Approval: #FL30798
Checkmark  Design Pressure up to +/- 200 PSF

MagnaTrack- Year-round protection

No matter the time of year, Defender Screens can always be to be used 24/7 and 365 days a year. Our patented system is built for unparalleled impact absorption, delivered by our MagnaTrack technology.


Our hassle-free design eliminates 98% of service issues

Our one of a kind, MagnaTrack System (US Patent No. 9,719,292) works on a dual pull magnetic system and eliminates nearly 98% of common service issues associated with other motorized screens. Unlike fixed track or zipper systems, MagnaTrack is the only system in the world that uses magnetic fields to dampen the impact of wind loads and flying debris while maintaining a flat and uniform screen surface appearance when deployed.

No Jams

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Our zipper-free system is impossible to jam.


No Snags

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Our top-quality, strong screen mesh prevents snags.


No Hang-Ups

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Rare earth neodymium magnets prevent screen hang-ups.


No Re-wraps

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The strongest natural magnets in the world prevent the need for re-wraps -- unlike every other competitor screen.

Know The System:

Effortless deployment

Our low-friction Keder Interlock means your screen is secure with absolutely no zippers.

Strongest yet quiet operation

Our magnet track has more than 10x the pulling force of any other system in the market!

Strongest yet quiet operation

Our magnet track has more than 10x the pulling force of any other system in the market!

Self-Adjusting Sidetracks

Our innovative design prevents openings and fabric from bellowing in windy conditions.

Weighted bottom bar

Rated the heaviest in the industry with retention locks to stay in place

Aluminum Housing Brackets

For utmost strength and durability. They are coated in glass-filled nylon to eliminate corrosion.

Extruded Hood Design

Stylish, durable and engineered to accommodate wide spans without deflection.

10 x Thicker Tracks

Stronger and Thicker Tracks than the nearest competitor.

Smart Motor Compatible With: