Retractable Screens


MagnaTrack: Eliminates 98% of service issues.

MagnaTrack is truly one of a kind. MagnaTrack System (US Patent No. 9,719,292) works on a dual-pull magnetic system, Unlike fixed track or zipper systems, the MagnaTrack screens flex under heavy wind pressure and collisions, all preventing expensive damage.

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No matter, if you need a motorized screen to block out the sun or those pesky little creatures, MagnaTrack's patterned technology provides the most consistent and dependable results when you need it most.

Rollins, New Smyrna Beach

The Rollins project, New Smyrna Beach.

"Will it stop water? I hate it when rains, and my patio furniture get wet."   Yes.  Unlike other mortorized screens the MagnaTrack hurricane screen can with stand high winds.   All it takes is one click of a Magnatrack Hurricane Defender Screen.

Holcomb, New Smyrna Beach

The Holcomb Project New Symrna Beach

"That sun is brutal," he said.  For years, it was impossible to sit on the patio unless you planned on sunburn and sweating.  Well not no more.  "I love it, " Now, I click a button.   All it took was one click of a UV-RAY Magnatrack Hurricane Defender Screen.

Funk: New Smyrna Beach

The Funk's Project New Smyrna Beach, Florida.

"Living on the North Causway we spend time on the patio, and at time sun, bugs, and prying eyes can be intrusive.   All it took was one click of a Magnatrack Hurricane Defender Screen.

Hartley, Venetian Bay

The Hartley project Venetian Bay, New Smyrna Beach.

"It's such a pain to packup every time a hurricane threatens.  It messup my energy," he said.  He was not kidding: the Feng Shui was spot on.  Not this year. When Hurricane Ian hit,  prep time was reduced from an 8-hour to less than 15 minutes.  All it took was one click of a Magnatrack Hurricane Defender Screen.

Vega, Deland

The Edwin's Project Deland, Florida.

"All I wanted is spend time on the patio," he said.  The afternoon sun and the stormy days prevented him from using the outdoor space when the family gathered.

It prevented the simple enjoyment of a Cigar and Scotch on the rock after a hard days work.  All it took was one click of a Magnatrack Hurricane Defender Screen.

Duncan's, New Smyrna Beach

The Duncan Project Apopka, Florida

"All I wanted was to stop rain.  The westard driving rain drenched the patio" he said.  Then smiled.  Now he has rain protection and so much more: UV Ray protection all it took was one click of a Magnatrack Hurricane Defender Screen.


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Insect Screens

Safeguard against insects while maximizing airflow through your space.



Solar Screens

Our mesh selections block 70%-97% of harmful UV rays while also providing shade and cooling on the most sweltering days.


Vinyl Screens

Make your outdoor space accessible year-round. Our vinyl screens offer temperature control and energy savings, so you can enjoy hot or cold, rain or shine.


Motorized Screens and New Construction


Easy installation for new or existing construction

Our authorized dealer network can easily install your screen into new construction or retrofit applications for residential or commercial buildings.

New Construction Motorized Screen Checklist

New construction possesses many advantages, but how we utilize those outdoor spaces is often an afterthought.  The question is Why?

The answer is simple.  Outdoor patios and lanais are the last things on our minds as we fight to keep things within budget.  Budgets often overlook things like the patio facing South and West which receive direct afternoon sun.  Those wonderful spaces where placing a hotdog wrapped up in ten foil, on a table, is easier to cook than it will be for a homeowner to enjoy that patio itself.  Let's not forget the nightly swarm of  Noseeums that penetrate that bug screen we spent thousand on.

The above are common problems.  Problems that are preventable.  Here at Florida Living Outdoor we understand a thing or two about helping homeowners take back those Florida Patios and Lanais.  No more sun.  No more rain.  No more packing up for a hurricane.   Here we believe in one thing: "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."  That is why exists.  Below are five things to think about during the homebuilding process when it comes to backyard patios and motorized screens.

  1. Will the Patio or Lanie face South or West if so how will you handle the issue of Florida?
  2. Are you located near a body of water?
  3. How frequent are Afternoon thunderstorms?
  4. Do you want to spend time on the Patio?
  5. Do you want the Lanai or Patio to become an extension of the home?

If you answer "YES" to any of the above, it is time for a free phone consultation and an onsite visit. Don't be afraid to ask.

Here at Florida Living Outdoor are goal is to educate the customer regardless if they go with us or someone else.  What we don't want to do is stand in those lanais and give customers very bad news: News like the MagnaTrack motorized screen, by Progressive Screens, won't work because of an architectural feature.  Things such,  I know you wanted recessed motorized screens, but the space created for the housing is too small.    It is the little things that become major things once the home is built.

We are here to help.



Quality construction and materials

Each one of our shades is carefully crafted to your project specifications by an experienced team. It then goes through several quality control inspections during each process to ensure you’re getting the best product.


Proudly Manufactured in the USA

MagnaTrack's world-class motorized screen system is proudly manufactured in the USA with headquarters based in Sarasota, FL, and Locally installed by Florida Living Outdoor, a veteran-owned and operated company.    Every client is important to us and our world-class customer service representatives are here to assist you with any questions you may have.

Custom-made to match your home’s style and architecture.

Custom screen sizes up to 30 ft wide and 24 ft tall*.

Archways can be easily screened while maintaining their unique beauty.