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Got questions about Motorized Retractable Screens. Florida Living Outdoor got the answer. FAQs are half the battle.


Q: What is your phone number?
FL Outdoors's phone number is (321)830-5660.

Q: How do I schedule an appointment?
Call the office or schedule a free 20-minute phone consultation online. The Calendar Link is https://floridalivingoutdoor.com/free-consultation-for-motorized-screens/

Q:  How do I get a quote?
A: Call the office or schedule a free 20-minute phone consultation online. The Calendar Link is https://floridalivingoutdoor.com/free-consultation-for-motorized-screens/

Q:  Where is your office located?
A:  Our office is outside Oviedo, Florida. We service the East Coast from New Smyrna Beach to Palm Coast and Oviedo to Mt. Dora.

Q:  How long has Florida Living Outdoor been in business?
A:   The owner of Florida Living Outdoors has been in the Outdoor Service industry for over 23 years.

Q:  What does Florida Living Outdoor do?
A:  FL Outdoor protects and creates intelligent and usable outdoor spaces. We specialize in motorized screens and pergolas for residential and commercial applications.

Q:  Do you have a showroom?
A:   No. 99.5% of its business is done in a homeowner's yard. Brochures and demo kits create an understanding. If needed, lifelike renderings are ordered.

Q:  What is a rendering:
A:   A rendering is a lifelike photo of your home with the desired product applied. It's cool.

Q:  Is there a place where I can see the motorized screens?
A:  Yes. If we decide to work together, we can talk to one of our clients.

Q:  What is an in-home consultation?
A:  A scheduled time when one of our estimators meets with you on-site to determine your wants, needs, and desires.

Q:  Do I have to be home for the consultation or estimate?
A:  Yes. You need to be there. These products are highly customizable, and we need to know your needs and desires.


Q:   Can I just get a price over the phone?
A:   No. These products are highly customizable, and prices may vary depending on your needs, wants, and desires.

Q:  How much do the Motorized Retractable Screens and Pergolas cost?
A:  That depends. The MagnaTrack system is highly customizable. Every project is different; openings and the surface to which the unit is attached vary. Each affects cost.

Q:  Can I get a ballpark cost of the motorized or Pergolas units?
A: Sure. It will depend on size. The typical 8' x 8' starts at $3900. These screens can span a 30-foot opening that is 20 feet high. These types of units can be over 10K. Site condition and point of installation affect cost.

Q:  How big of an opening can the motorized screen fit into?
A:  MagnaTrack motorized screens can span 30' and up to 20' in height.

Q: What is your lead time on motorized screens?
A: The manufacturing process is 4 – 6 weeks from start to finish.

Q: What is Florida Living Outdoor's lead time on motorized screens?
A: The FL Outdoors process is 6 – 8 weeks from start to finish.


Q:  What is a motorized or retractable Screen:
A: Motorized or retractable screens are installed in your patios, lanais, and pergolas openings. With a click of a button, they deploy and protect against bugs, UV rays, and Florida's climate.

Q:  Are there different types of motorized screens on the market?
A:   Yes. There are three basic types of motorized screens in the marketplace: (1) Cable track, (2) Zipper track, and Kedar Base System

Q:  What type of motorized screens do you carry?
A:  We carry the MagnaTrack Motorized Screens manufactured by Progressive Screens. The track system is the same, but the screen is configured to protect against bugs, UV rays, rain, and storms.

Q:   Do you carry hurricane screens with Kavalar?
A:    We carry the Defender Series by MagnaTrack.

Q:  Does the Hurricane Defender have a product approval code?
A:  Yes. The Hurricane Defender has a product approval code. It has the Florida Product Approval #F30798

Q:  Are the Motorized Screens in Miami Dade approved?
A:  No, but the MagnaTrack Motorized Screen system meets or exceeds Miami Dade and Florida building code requirements for roll-down hurricane screens. Therefore, it can and is installed in Miami-Dade.

Q:  I am looking for privacy. Can I put the motorized screens on my pool cage?
A:   Yes, you can put motorized screens on your pool cage. They are a great addition to enhance the functionality and enjoyment of your outdoor space. You can easily enclose your pool area with motorized screens to keep out insects, provide shade, and create a comfortable environment. Ensuring your pool cage is structurally sound and suitable for installing motorized screens is essential. Feel free to ask if you'd like more specific information or have any other questions!


Q:   What type of pergolas do you carry?
A:   We carry and install Azenco-Outdoors pergolas. They are known for their louver roofs and anti-leak system, a.k .a. R-blade and R-shade.

Q:   Where can I get more information about Azenco-Outdoors Pergolas Systems?
A:   Feel free to visit the Pergolas page or the Azenco-Outdoors website directly.

Q:   What is the average cost of the pergolas?
A:    It will depend. A zone can be between 15K and 25K.

Q:  How big is each zone?
A:   Each zone can stretch 15 feet wide and 23 feet in length


Q:  Do you install or do screen enclosures around pools or patios?
A:  No. We do not build or install screen enclosures around swimming pools. We specialize in protecting and creating outdoor spaces with a click of a button.

Q:  Do you replace screen pool enclosures?
A:  We do not. We focus on bringing the resort Quality Home.

Q:  Do you repair other company's motorized and retractable screens?
A:  No. We are a MagnaTrack Dealer. We do not carry Phantom, Horizons, or Fintech. However, we can remove your existing motorized screens and install the #1 motorized screen in the world: MagnaTrack.

Q:  Do you repair other company's Pergolas?
A:  No. We are an Azenco-Outdoors Dealer.  We do not carry Structure X, Pergola X, or Chines Pergolas.   We, however, can teardown and install the number one screen in the world, Azenco-Outdoors.