Let the clean lines and hidden fastener of an Azenco Pergolas enhance the architecture of your home and landscape.   It does not matter if your looking for a pergolas, carports or pool covers. Florida Living Outdoor and Azenco are here to help.  It does not matter if it's a desire to watch the tree whisp in the fall's breeze, blocking out the hot summer sun, or simply witnessing the louvers above close themselves as the rain starts to drop.

Together--we have decades of experience in engineering and application, couple that with the latest technology, we will make outdoor dream a reality.


Louvered Roof Pergola for Style

It all start with custom engineering a design.  It does not matter if you want it mounted to your building or built as a free standing.  Each louvered pergola is designed for the elements, and with our optional smart sensors, you won’t even have to lift a finger when the sun shifts and the rain begins to fall..

Simply put, R-BLADE’s features dual-walled louvers to hidden gutters and let you rest easy in the sun or shade.



Fixed Roof Pergola
Optimized for Shade

We’ll custom engineering a design, whether you want it mounted to your building or built as a standalone unit. You can add a fan or LED lighting underneath, screens on the sides and even solar panels on top of your pergola to produce your own green energy — so you can rest easy.


R-Card Carports

Carport Insulated Roof Optimized for Comfort

R-CAR is available in custom sizes to fit any car combination, with extended pillars available so you can accommodate your RV or boat. These Luxury Carports can mount to your building or install it as a standalone, drive-through shelter. For the roof, choose from an insulated panel like the R-SHADE or a custom material that matches your building. Add solar panels to produce green power for your EV and – sheltered in luxury.


Modular Outdoor Structure
Optimized for Lifestyle

K-BANA’s manual louvers let you customize the light, while integrated gutters keep drainage out of sight. Available in three standard sizes that can be mixed for endless possibilities, KBANA is perfect for any home or business. Plus, the integrated floor frame allows you to easily install any personalized finished flooring.

Pool Deck Cover

A pool cover, a deck and a patio

 You’ll love how easy the sliding deck is to use. Whether you want to go for a dip or gather for a pool, we can help you maximize every inch of your outdoor space. When it’s time for a swim, press a button and the insulated, solar powered cover will open in seconds. Close it up when you’re done to keep your pets or children safe. Then take advantage of your expanded entertaining space, with strength and stability to hold your patio furniture — and a crowd of friends.