Product Warranties

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Below are the Products and Warranties Associated with Florida Living Outdoor and Progressive Screen.  All Product Warranties cover the five basic components of a Motorized screen System.


Progressive Screens, the manufacturer, guarantees the material and workmanship of its products to be of excellent quality. All Materials are carefully selected to withstand most weather elements and breakage under normal use.

The warranty does not cover claims originating from faulty installations, hail, flood, fire, harmful chemicals and fumes, misuse, abuse, fading, chalking, oxidization, erosion of paint, acts of God, or causes beyond the control of the manufacturer. This warranty is for the benefit of the original purchaser and is not transferable. The lifetime material warranty applies to aluminum components only.


Picture of screen attached to aluminum tubing which is resting in side a bronze housing unit

Florida Living Outdoor and MagnaTrack Screen Warranty.

Progressive Screens warrants the electrical motors for a period of 5 years, commencing from the date of sale from Progressive Screen Systems, against failure under expected normal use. Warranty is void if the electrical motor is exposed to water, acts of God, or abnormal conditions, including faulty installation.


Progressive Screens warrants the electronic components such as radio transmitters and receivers for a period of 2 years, commencing from the date of sale from Progressive Screens against failure under expected normal use. Warranty is void if the electronic component is exposed to water, acts of God, or abnormal conditions.


Progressive Screens warrants fabrics supplied from Twitchell or produced in-house for a 15-year limited warranty from the original date of purchase. The warranty covers defects of workmanship, materials, or excessive loss of strength in normal conditions, including sunlight, rot, mildew, or atmospheric chemicals that might render it unserviceable. Improper use, abuse, or use of harsh chemicals will void the warranty. Fabrics not manufactured by Twitchell might have different warranties associated. Please see the catalog or website for full details and warranty info.

A photo of black screen that is creating loops

Florida Living Outdoor Product Warranty

Progressive Screens warrant our clear vinyl windows for (1) year. The warranty explicitly covers manufacturers' defects in the material or workmanship of stitching the vinyl windows to the surrounding material. Any defects in the Vinyl panels must be noted upon installing the motorized system. Discoloring, yellowing, orange peel, or scratches discovered in the material after the installation is complete are not covered and are typically caused by the use of improper cleaning solutions. Please see the catalog or website for cleaning instructions, care, and maintenance.


The bottom line, we stand behind our work.   Our CRAFTMANSHIP warranty period is five years from the installation date (Specific Date). FL Outdoor, Inc. will repair any issues arising from faulty or poor workmanship that stems from the original installation of the MagnaTrack system. If Florida Living Outdoor, Inc. is notified of the issue during the five-year warranty period, no charges or additional fees will occur. Florida Living Outdoor, Inc. reserves the right to inspect reported issues to determine whether the issue was caused by faulty or poor workmanship or product misuse.

Understand although we stand behind our product, the craftsmanship warranty does not cover Acts of God. Florida Living Outdoor, Inc. reserves the right to charge a service call.


Progressive Screens and Florida Living Outdoor is not responsible for indirect, punitive, special, incidental, or consequential damages or losses that anyone may suffer or incur in connection with this product or its use. Any warranties implied by law, including those of merchantability and fitness for the use or for a particular purpose are limited to materials only in duration of 1-year express warranty hereunder. Some states do not allow limitations on how long a warranty lasts; therefore, the limitations are not applicable to the purchaser in those states. This warranty does not cover screen mesh including incidental, misuse, or faulty installation damage. This warranty further does not cover installation costs, removal costs, service calls.